Ellie - May is the Lady of the house, feminine through and through.

Should defiantly been born with a tiara on her head.

The pretty little face wins every time even when you know she’s been up to no good, "What? Not me Mum" those eyes seem to say.

Does not do out in Rain, one look through the door and its reverse, then the look, I’m not going out in that and getting dirty paws Huh.

Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, do not be fooled.
Bandapart Vincent
CH Sobeloved Forever Noble Bonnie's Boy Clyde
Diana's Midnight Star
Westavon Miss Destini of Bandapart Westward Fergus at Westavon
Glyndee Dancing Avita at Westavon
Praetorian Echo
CH Nobozz Drunk and Disorderly
Hissing Hells Angel
Hot Ruby at Nobozz
Fordfox Echo of Praetorian Montogery Waterdale
Fordfox Millies Girl Bunty
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